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There were no accolades or anything she was after

- Joe Chisholm

It’s amazing what result of the work she did has become.

I remember the office mom had. It was a little office in the parish. To see what it looks like today and how many people are involved It’s amazing.

It is unbelievable. I was pretty young when she was doing all that stuff. As a teenager, you’re not really looking too much outside of yourself. But to see it today. It is wonderful to see how it’s grown into a big organization.

It was just normal for mom to help People. She was always on the go, doing things. I moved a lot of furniture for the refugees she would be helping. She would find places to get the furniture, and then she would ask me to go and get the stuff with my friends.

I would meet people along the way that were so grateful for the furniture. At that age, I used to think, “I wonder why they’re so grateful for a couch.”

I couldn’t understand it then. But now, of course I understand it much better being older and hopefully, a little bit wiser.

When I think of lines from Saint Francis prayer, ‘where there is discord, I may bring harmony’, it always reminds me of my mom.

I just remember her meeting refugees, getting them into hotels, getting them into English classes, finding them places to live, getting furniture for them. It was a constant.

There’s a story of her I like to share.

My mum won a trip for white-water rafting. When she told me this, I said, “I’m going to take those tickets. I’m going to invite my friend.”

So, I invited my friend to come with me for rafting.

Mom got really mad at me. She said, “I’m going on that trip. End of the story.”

She and her friend went on the trip. Later, I ran into a couple that that were on the same trip. They said my mum and Mrs. Allman were a big hit. The group loved her.

That’s the kind of lady she was.

She was a very strong tenacious person.

There were no accolades or anything she was after. She was after, in the purest sense, helping people.

Joe Chisholm is son of Margaret Chisholm. Currently, he is director of sales in a company.


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