Active Engagement and Integration Project - AEIP

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Active Engagement and Integration Project - AEIP

The Active Engagement and Integration Project (AEIP) is a free pre-landing program that informs, connects, and prepares clients for the Canadian labour market and for an overall smooth transition into Canada.  AEIP provides both pre-arrival and post-arrival settlement services, these include:

  • Pre-departure orientation
  • Outreach orientation workshops
  • Workshops on topics such as: Industry outlook, current labour market, employment programs, and many others
  • Individual and family consultation
  • Employment and Foreign Credential Recognition support
  • Support groups and forums
  • Connections to Canadian partners pre and post-arrival
  • Virtual resource centre

How To Apply

CCIS is AEIP’s partner for clients immigrating to the province of Alberta. We answer any questions client’s may have about their future city and provide informative resources regarding their industries, current labour market, and settlement topics such as schooling, housing, language training, and others.

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Make A Direct Impact on Your Community by Donating to CCIS (Calgary Catholic Immigration Society).

We acknowledge all donors who contribute so generously to CCIS. Your contribution honours the courage and resiliency of Alberta’s newest residents.

Donations? Call Us: 403.262.2006

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