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Retail Industry

CCIS has established long-term, successful partnerships with a variety of employers from the local retail industry. Our decade-long collaboration with Safeway Canada Ltd stands as one example of a highly effective and sustainable partnership between a leading employer and a leading immigrant-serving agency, resulting in the employment of close to 2,000 newcomers to Alberta in a variety of positions.

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Case Study of Safeway Initiative

Canada Safeway established a partnership with CCIS in 2004. Since that time, over 1600 CCIS clients have been employed in various Safeway locations, for a wide range of positions ranging from in-store customer service jobs to positions in the corporate office. In turn, Safeway has benefitted from the wide range of skills and expertise inherent in a culturally diverse workforce.

The partnership between Safeway Canada and CCIS has been instrumental in providing newcomers with employment opportunities that facilitate their successful settlement into Canadian society and integration into the Calgary labour market.

In recognition of the importance of providing immigrants with Canadian work experience and exposure to the community at large, Safeway relies primarily on new Canadians to meet their workforce demands, and occasionally turns to the TFW Program to fill seasonal positions.

Through our partnership, CCIS and Safeway Canada continue to form intercultural connections, tackle cultural prejudices and stereotypes, and offer newcomers opportunities to integrate into the Calgary labour market and the community at large.

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