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Join Our Dedicated Team Of Caring Professionals

At CCIS, we’re more than just a team; we’re a community bound by a shared mission – to empower newcomers to flourish in their new home.

CCIS is proud of our reputation for providing exceptional service to our clients of every nationality, culture and heritage.

We do so with a dedicated team of multilingual, multicultural and multiskilled professionals. From the bustling streets of Calgary to the serene landscapes of rural Alberta, our dedication knows no bounds.

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Caring Employees

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Our Impact in Action

Every day, we make a difference. Whether it’s helping refugees navigate the hurts of a difficult past or supporting newcomer professionals in their job hunt, our work is a testament to the strength and resilience of the human spirit. Join us and be part of stories that inspire.

Work with us

A Day in the Life at CCIS

Dive into the heart of our operations. From welcoming new arrivals at the airport to facilitating employment workshops for newcomers in rural communities and creating connections between newcomers and communities, every day at CCIS is a new adventure. Our staff are not just employees; they are innovators, community builders and friends to the newcomers they support.


Our Values

Empathy | Innovation | Integrity | Collaboration |Inclusivity | Impact

At CCIS, these values are the core of our identity. They guide our actions, our services and our relationships with each other and the communities we serve. If you share these values, we’d love to have you on our team.

CCIS Appreciation Party

Work with us

Culture and Play

At CCIS, we believe that a happy team is a productive team. We foster an environment where laughter and joy are just as important as dedication and professionalism. Our team-building events, celebrations, and everyday moments of joy are pillars of our workplace culture.

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Recognition and Growth

Excellence is in our DNA. CCIS staff have been awarded for their exceptional community service, receiving honours such as the Queen’s Jubilee Medals, provincial service awards and community impact awards. We celebrate the achievements of our team members and support their professional growth. At CCIS, every staff member has the opportunity to shine and grow.


Work with us

Work That Matters

Make a real difference in the lives of newcomers across Alberta. Our work extends far beyond city limits, reaching deep into rural communities where you can see the immediate impact of your efforts.

Work with us

Join Us

We’re looking for passionate individuals to join our diverse team. Whether you’re seeking a role in front-line support, administration, or management, CCIS offers a range of opportunities to make a meaningful impact. Browse our current job listings below and find where you fit in our story of hope and transformation.

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CCIS Appreciation Party

current opportunities


Discover exciting career opportunities at CCIS by exploring our list of internal CCIS job openings. Join our dedicated team, committed to making a positive impact in the lives of newcomers, and contribute to the diverse and dynamic work environment at CCIS.

Get to know the driving force behind CCIS

Meet Our Experienced Team

From visionary board members shaping our direction to the dedicated management team steering the organization, and our dynamic division staff implementing impactful programs, discover the collective expertise and passion that fuels CCIS’s commitment to empowering individuals and building thriving communities.


Meet the Board

Delve into the profiles of the influential leaders guiding CCIS. Learn about their diverse expertise and unwavering commitment steering our organization toward empowering communities and fostering positive change.

Meet the Management

Meet the accomplished professionals driving CCIS's strategies and vision. Discover the collective experience and passion that propels our management team in their commitment to empowering individuals and building resilient, integrated communities.

Visit our Divisions

Dive into the heart of CCIS by visiting our Divisions. Uncover the specialized services each division offers, tailored to empower individuals and communities. Learn how these divisions contribute to CCIS's mission of fostering growth, resilience, and lasting positive change.
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Many Lives Changed

CCIS (Calgary Catholic Immigration Society) is a non-profit organization which provides settlement and integration services to all immigrants and refugees in Southern Alberta.

Since our inception in 1981, we have been a community leader with solid experience in the design and delivery of comprehensive services for our newest neighbours. We deliver these services through a dynamic multi-cultural, multi-denominational and multi-disciplinary team of professionals, who collectively speak over 70 languages.

In partnership, we empower immigrants and refugees to successfully settle and integrate in our communities.

An inclusive society where immigrants and refugees can reach their full potential.

CCIS believes:

  • In an environment which enhances self-esteem and respect for all.

  • That each individual is unique and of value.

  • That we all have a responsibility to build a healthy community.

  • In a holistic approach in working with individuals and community.

  • In constant attention, sensitivity and flexibility throughout the ongoing process of relationship building.

  • In ethical practices.

  • In volunteerism.

  • In innovation and creativity.

People in cities around the world have taken a united stand against police brutality and systemic racism. It is heartening to hear this collective call to end the policies and practices, entrenched in our institutions, that result in the exclusion and oppression of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, as well as members of the LGBTQ+ community.   

It is important for each of us to remember that the racism and oppression we see in our justice systems and police forces are symbolic of the prejudices that exist in our society as a whole. We must therefore work together to eradicate racism, not only from our institutions, but from every aspect of our communities.

The responsibility lies with each of us to identify, address and prevent instances of racial discrimination, and prejudiced attitudes and behaviours. By addressing both individual and systemic racism, we can set an example for our children, and move closer to a society that upholds justice, equality, and respect for all.

CCIS believes that every person is unique, of value, and deserving of equality and respect. We also believe in working together to build healthy communities. Our organization’s vision is a society wherein immigrants and refugees, and all people, can reach their full potential. This vision can only be achieved if we collectively combat racism in all its forms and shapes.

CCIS continues to take an active role in standing against individual and systemic racism and oppression, and we wish to express our solidarity with those in our city, and around the world, who are working together for a better tomorrow.

$293,000 Donations (including "in kind") in 2023
30,566 volunteer hours in 2023
30,500 Newcomers Served in 2023


Make A Direct Impact on Your Community by Donating to CCIS (Calgary Catholic Immigration Society).

We acknowledge all donors who contribute so generously to CCIS. Your contribution honours the courage and resiliency of Alberta’s newest residents.

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