Calgary: A New Chapter


Calgary: A New Chapter

This series of innovative and interactive orientation sessions is designed to introduce foreign trained professionals to various topics of resettlement soon after their arrival in Canada.

We are pleased to offer Calgary: A New Chapter in an on-line format. If you would like to participate, please contact your employment counsellor. If you are not a current CCIS client, you can join the workshop by registering for employment services. Complete the on-line intake form and note that you want to enroll in Calgary: A New Chapter.

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Settling down in a new country can be difficult, especially with so many resources to digest at the same time. Attending the Calgary: A New Chapter program helped me understand what was important and how to protect my information better. Now I know what steps I need to take for a smoother adaptation in Canada.

Chiemela From Nigeria

This program was an ongoing lesson that enlightened me about the diverse interests and concerns of newcomers. I personally appreciate their considerate approaches. Engaging in multifaceted discussions spanning from health to human rights and banking were both fulfilling and enriching. Witnessing the impact of responses on individuals' inquiries and learning processes was truly fascinating.

Maziar From Iran

I am immensely grateful for the insights, guidance, and unwavering support I received throughout this program, and I highly recommend it to anyone embarking on their own journey of settling down in a new city. Thank you Iuliana and CCIS for equipping me with the confidence to make my career aspirations a reality.

Rabia From India

I want to express my sincere gratitude to CCIS, and especially to Iuliana, for the fantastic orientation course, 'Calgary: A New Chapter.' These four days were truly amazing and enriching, spent in the company of wonderful people. Throughout the course, we had the privilege of hearing from various speakers who provided in-depth explanations on their respective topics, and they were more than willing to answer all our questions, providing detailed insights.

Kateryna From Ukraine


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