Meet Our Team

Amal El-Nakeeb

Meet our Team

Amal El-Nakeeb

Employment/Intake Counsellor

Amal El-Nakeeb is an accomplished employment counselor with a rich background in guiding individuals towards successful career paths. Her journey commenced as a communications student specializing in broadcasting, eventually segueing into the realm of education, where she shared her expertise by teaching undergraduates at a university level.

Driven by a fervour for storytelling and a desire to aid others, Amal honed her skills in video journalism and program coordination for professional development. She pursued a master’s in television and digital journalism from the American University in Cairo, leveraging this knowledge during her tenure in the television industry.

With a career spanning over 8 years, Amal’s forte lies in facilitating the career aspirations of individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds. Her transition to employment counselling was a natural progression, and for the past five years at CCIS, she has been a pivotal member of the employment team.

Within SOPA, Amal’s dedication to the employment sphere has been exemplary. She has skillfully guided newcomer professionals, providing invaluable support to help them navigate and excel in their careers. Her commitment and expertise in employment counselling continue to positively impact individuals as they endeavour to achieve their professional goals.


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