Meet Our Team

Bamidele Salako

Meet our Team

Bamidele Salako

Manager, Marketing and Communications

Bamidele brings a wealth of experience from the media and public relations sectors of Nigeria, one of the EMEA region’s largest economies, to his role at CCIS. He was previously the deputy editor of Africa’s leading celebrity publication, Ovation International Magazine. He also worked as an analyst with leading public relations consultancy, MSL Quadrant, where he provided PR and media advisory to the local operations of premium global brands such as British Airways, Ford Nigeria, Coca Cola, Dell, Google, CNN, and Roche.  

Bamidele’s journey at CCIS began when he enrolled as a client in CCIS’ overseas orientation program, SOPA, before moving to Canada in 2018. He showed such great enthusiasm for the program that, after arriving in Calgary, SOPA staff encouraged him to apply his writing expertise and gain Canadian experience by volunteering with the program. He soon joined SOPA as an Intake Counsellor and leveraged his international marketing experience to promote the program overseas resulting in an unprecedented increase in the program’s client base.  

Bamidele’s approach to driving increased visibility for CCIS’ initiatives in his current role is propelled by his unique understanding of the varied needs of newcomers and his passion for connecting them with relevant settlement and occupational resources that help them succeed in Canada. 


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