Meet Our Team

Meet our Team

Bibiana Cala

Coordinator - Newcomer Entrepreneurship Training Program

Tel: 403.286.8030

Bibiana Cala is a passionate entrepreneur with a background in social sciences and sustainable development. Described as a natural connector, collaborator, and motivational mentor, she holds a deep dedication to fostering community support and building relationships. Over her extensive and varied career, she has accumulated a wealth of experience coordinating and executing numerous community development projects and entrepreneurship training programs, consistently placing the needs of the communities she serves at the forefront. Consequently, her expertise in strategic business planning, program development, capacity building, and community and stakeholder engagement is unparalleled.

In her role as the coordinator of the Newcomer Entrepreneurship Training Program at the Calgary Catholic Immigration Society (CCIS), Bibiana has had the honor of positively impacting countless individuals. Her support empowers newcomers, providing them with the confidence, knowledge, and mindset needed to overcome common barriers encountered by aspiring entrepreneurs in Canada. Bibiana firmly believes in the transformative power of networking. Through this program, one of her personal missions has been to assist participants in building their social capital, recognizing that a robust social and professional network, along with a robust support system, significantly impacts their entrepreneurial journey.

Bibiana’s driving purpose is to effect meaningful change in every endeavor she undertakes. She consistently aims to leave a substantial and positive mark, both at the individual and collective levels. Her passion lies in imparting knowledge, skills, and experiences while cherishing the human connections and relationships she fosters along the way.


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