Diversity and Anti-racism Education



Diversity and Anti-racism Education

The program offers a holistic interactive approach toward understanding diversity and inclusion, by providing learning activities that will enhance cultural sensitivity and knowledge about different cultures, build the capacity to support and implement anti-racism practices within workplaces and service delivery, foster greater inclusion and participation for newcomers, staff, volunteers, and community members.     

The learning content is customized according to the clients’ needs and professional fields (i.e. health service-providers, educational institutions, business, immigrant-serving agencies, etc.) The sessions are interactive and collaborative, virtual or in-person, with guest speakers, discussion circles and consultation, addressing intersectional identities, cultural values, and Indigenous perspective for building relationship.   

The program is a tool and a resource that helps to embrace and celebrate the rich dimensions of Canadian diversity, with just, equity, respect, and humility for individual’s uniqueness. 

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SINELA JURKOVA holds a PhD in Research Education and Adult Learning from University of Calgary, MA in Communication and Culture (University of Calgary). Her areas of specialization include transcultural transformative learning, intercultural communication and competence, community development, theories and practices for inclusive and anti-racism education. She has published in academic journals and presented numerous sessions on enhancing cultural competency, DEI, anti-racism, and has participated in international academic conferences related to the topics above. One of her significant research projects implemented in practice is Transcultural Transformative Model for building inclusive societyCurrently she leads government funded project: Community Based Participatory Action research for anti-racism education and action. 

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