Empowering Newcomer Professionals for Careers in Sustainability Program


Empowering Newcomer Professionals for Careers in Sustainability Program

The “Empowering Newcomer Professionals for Careers in Sustainability” program is strategically designed to align with Alberta’s net-zero trajectory, ensuring that foreign-trained newcomer professionals can integrate successfully into the workforce and contribute meaningfully to the province’s sustainability goals. By leveraging the latest labour market insights and trends, this program equips participants with a comprehensive understanding of Alberta’s evolving energy landscape and the increasing demand for sustainability careers.

Through this program, participants are not just equipped with valuable tools but also provided with extensive guidance. This support helps them align their skills with the burgeoning opportunities in sustainable aspects of Alberta’s energy sector. They receive comprehensive assistance in navigating the job market, reassuring them that they can carve out rewarding career paths within the province’s evolving energy subsectors while contributing to its sustainability objectives.

The program will have the following intakes:

What You Will Learn

In the Careers in Sustainability Program you will learn:


The Careers in Sustainability Program will also provide:

Eligibility Criteria

To participate in the project, you must:

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