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Regional Outreach Program (ROP)

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Regional Outreach Program (ROP)

The Regional Outreach Program (ROP) partners with grassroots, ethno-cultural groups in community development. Its services are customized based on the input and direction of the community partners. ROP offers and facilitates unique programs that foster involvement and participation in the wider community and provides opportunities for networking and volunteerism. ROP brings together ethno-cultural communities and service providers to develop stronger, inclusive communities. 

The Regional Outreach Program uses a community development approach to empower community leaders and communities to find unique solutions that honour culture and integration. 


Grassroots, ethnocultural groups/organizations – ROP welcomes anyone who is working at the community level in their ethno-cultural community (both formally and informally) who would like support, consultation, or input on matters of importance or concern. 

Service providers – Those who are seeking to build relationships with Ethno-cultural community groups to enhance service delivery can reach out to ROP staff for consultation and connections. 

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Please reach out to ROP staff for more information. 

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Diverse Hands

The expertise provided by ROP has built capacity, particularly among the women, whom we are now seeing come to the table.

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Ethno-cultural Community Leader 1 Program Participant

ROP’s community development approach has enabled us to see the capacity, strengths, and resources within our community and to look for solutions within. They help to build and elevate community.

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Ethno-cultural Community Leader 2 Program Participant


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