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TFW Community Support Services

TFW Community Support Services


TFW Community Support Services

The Community Support Services program, formerly called TFW Support Services, receives funding from the federal & provincial government.  We have been in operation since 2008. 

We assist Temporary Residents and their dependents who hold work permits under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, International Mobility Program, or Post-Graduate Work Permit Program. The support starts in the airport reception and continues in the community they belong to. 

Our objective is to help foreign workers develop the life skills they need to reach their full economic potential. We foster self-reliance through education and empowerment while they live and work whether it is temporarily, or as they transition to permanent residency.  

In collaboration with government agencies, consulates, employers, educational institutions, communities and other relevant stakeholders, we establish best practices and strategies which create positive experiences for temporary foreign workers, as we pro-actively facilitate their integration into the workplace. 

We offer services in Calgary and the area, Brooks & Newell County, Banff and the Bow Valley Corridor. 

Program staff speak English, Spanish, Tagalog, French, Farsi, Urdu, Korean & Hindi. 

Our Objectives

For more information about the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, visit TFW Hub or send an email to 

Photo Gallery

TFW Community Events

You are encouraged to participate in the many outings, events and workshops presented by our staff.  Here are some images that capture the fun!

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Make A Direct Impact on Your Community by Donating to CCIS (Calgary Catholic Immigration Society).

We acknowledge all donors who contribute so generously to CCIS. Your contribution honours the courage and resiliency of Alberta’s newest residents.

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