Meet Our Team

Hasmik Asmaryan

Meet our Team

Hasmik Asmaryan

Director, Business, Employment and Training Services (BETS) Division

Hasmik is at the forefront of executive leadership, driving the Business, Employment, and Training Services (BETS) division at CCIS. Beginning her Canadian journey as a newcomer skilled worker in 2013, she is fueled by the belief that every newcomer should have the chance to thrive in their new home. Since then, she has been dedicated to ensuring newcomers receive a fair opportunity for success.  

She started as a student and volunteer at CCIS and quickly transitioned to employee in the BETS division where she currently manages crucial programs funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, Employment and Social Development Canada, various ministries of the Province of Alberta, Calgary Learns and other organizations. With over 15 years of experience in research and development, she has successfully overseen global social and environmental projects, leaving a positive impact.  

Throughout her career at CCIS, Hasmik has gained a profound understanding of newcomers’ challenges during resettlement. Leveraging her extensive knowledge of Alberta’s job market and a robust network, she connects talent with opportunities, paving the way for newcomers to succeed.  

Hasmik’s professional growth is continuous, marked by comprehensive training in communication, management, organizational psychology, Indigenous relations, environmental and social governance, professional roles and ethics, crisis intervention and conflict resolution, and facilitating career success in Canada.  

Hasmik plays a pivotal part in her executive role, wearing many hats. She ensures the success of the BETS division by developing programs, securing funding, overseeing staff and managing collaborations. Accurate reporting is essential for program evaluation, providing crucial insights.  

Beyond her professional role, Hasmik actively engages with diverse sectors through extensive volunteer work, fostering collaboration, inclusivity and positive change. She invites newcomers, employers seeking exceptional talent, and diversity advocates to join her in creating a brighter future, empowering newcomers to achieve their dreams and contribute to the prosperity of Canadian society.   


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