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Information & Technology Bridging Program

Information & Tech Program


Information & Technology Bridging Program

The Information & Technology Bridging Program is a 16-week training program, offering 10 weeks of internship with reputable IT companies. In partnership with SAIT, this program provides foreign-trained IT professionals, who have education and experience in the IT field, with the necessary soft and occupational skills training to better equip them for the Canadian workplace.

**This program also accepts Employment Insurance (EI) recipients that have received EI in the past 5 years.

The Information & Technology Bridging Program


Application and written assessment forms will be shared for those interested after the information session.

Program Starts: June 2024

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  • Have prior international education and experience in the IT Sector.
  • An Employment Insurance (EI) recipient or have ended a claim for EI benefits within the previous 5 years.
  • Born outside of Canada and currently a Permanent Resident or Canadian Citizen.
  • Unemployed or underemployed and can demonstrate that they are actively seeking employment.
  • Willing to commit to full-time training leading to full-time employment in your field of training.
  • Resident of Calgary and surrounding areas.


I moved to Canada almost eight years ago. I always thought that I would study at SAIT and then get a job. However, the reality was very different and through the years I had to take any survival job just to pay the bills. Unfortunately, I could never save enough money to start a program at SAIT and I kept applying for jobs that never called back. For a few years, I moved from one job to another and from one idea to another. I applied to so many IT jobs that I lost count. Although I always had the desire to go back to my career, not having Canadian experience made this goal almost impossible to achieve. Having a career gap that kept getting wider with each passing year was getting more difficult to explain. I was getting more and more demotivated and thinking I will never land the job I wanted.

Finally, looking on the internet, I found the Information and Technology Bridging Program offered by CCIS. I got very excited, and after checking the requirements I decided to start the process to re-launch my career and give it one last try. After many hours of study and several months, I was sometimes unsure if it would work, but I always had the objective and the dream in my mind, and this kept me going. Also, I always knew I had the skills and previous experience to get a job in my field. CCIS gave me the last piece of the puzzle, by helping me develop my soft skills and acquire the professional network and mentors to accomplish the things I might never have been able to achieve alone.
Today, after all the training and the hard work with great teachers at CCIS and SAIT, and my classmates that later became my friends and support, I am more than happy to share that I got a job as an analytics consultant with the same company where I interned.
All in all, CCIS and the IT Bridging program changed my life. Thanks for this great opportunity!”

“I arrived in Calgary, Canada in January 2022 and I had such lofty thoughts that with my previous experiences in Engineering and Telecoms, getting a job would be a stroll in the park for me. I started applying, and I was contacted by some recruiters and even got some interviews, then nothing happened in terms of moving forward and the personal follow-ups didn’t yield much.
Then I found CCIS! They have various programs tailored to suit different unique experiences that new immigrants into Canada may bring along. I participated in quite a number, and I was eventually referred to Mehrzad and Yared, the dynamic duo that expertly manages the CCIS ITB Program.
From the first interview sessions, I knew it was the right place for me. They were so full of encouragement, and they helped me to focus my energies, having discovered smartly that I was being pulled in many different directions. This helped me a lot.
The first part of the program was really very beneficial to me. I learned quite a lot on resume writing, job search and how the Canadian workplace is structured and an overview of the potential scenarios and how best to handle and properly manage certain occurrences. I am particularly happy with the complementary styles of the instructors, Chris Thomas, and Dr. Sharaz Khan.
Then came the second part which was spent at the prestigious SAIT, everything happened at such a fast pace, and I am so glad that we’d been prepared by the first phase of trainings. So much content was downloaded which serves as a solid foundation to build on.
The third and final phase was the internship, and I must confess that I was nervous at the beginning. However, as I started working with people, my apprehension was quickly replaced with enthusiasm, and I saw a lot of learning opportunities which I wanted to explore fully.
My exposure from the beginning with CCIS-ITB helped me a lot and I am so glad that as the CEO said, they considered me valuable, hence their decision to add me to the team on a permanent basis. I cannot thank everyone enough for all the support and encouragement, it is such an awesome feeling for me that the journey of this new chapter of my life has started successfully.
Now that I am here, I know it is not time yet to relax, as we were taught during training. This is just the first few steps of many more to climb. My plan now is to leverage the learning and continue the growth process, which ties with the No Limitations goal of the CCIS – ITB program.
To God be all the Glory!”


“I landed as a Permanent Resident with my four-year-old daughter from my home country in 2018. Due to my relocation, I was unable to continue my previous job despite having eight years of professional experience. The reason for this was that the company was unable to transfer my job role to the new location.
I decided to utilize my time to help my family adjust to the new environment, being a first-generation immigrant, although I continued to nurse the desire to continue in my profession.
It became clear to me that I would need to acquire in-demand IT sills and build a professional network in Canada to achieve my dream of finding a role in my industry. I knew this would take some time. Furthermore, the pandemic soon started which reduced my interactions socially.
I soon learned about CCIS’ ITB program through a friend. I emailed the program coordinators after checking the eligibility requirements and was eventually selected to join the program. It was Mehrzad and Yared who were so friendly and very professional and sincere in guiding me and referring me to multiple sessions on
• Resume writing
• Establishing professional contacts
• Search for job that match my skills
• Using LinkedIn for Job Search
• Enrolling in the right course with SAIT
• Teaming up with a good group of people and so on…
Through the program and the confidence given by multiple SAIT professors like Chris and Sharaz, I regained the knowledge and relevant market skills that helped me land an internship with the company I had dreamed of working for. One page would not be enough to capture all the supports offered voluntarily to my cohort by the ITB team. But thanks to their dedication, my batchmates and I were able to find a new future and have developed a strong bond with the people at CCIS. The professionalism and the continuous guidance of CCIS made us achieve what we never thought possible a few months before. I recommend this program to every newcomer in the IT space who has a passion to pursue their dreams.”

“I immigrated to Canada during the pandemic and my hope was just to start any kind of job to have Canadian experience, since it was difficult for me to find a job.
After three months of applying without getting any call from employers, I understood that my situation would not change without changing my strategy. As a statistical engineer with years of experience in my home country, I decided to enter the IT workforce and started to look for programs that could help me learn and update my technical and soft skills.
My plan was to first improve on my English levels and to afterwards find a good IT program. After achieving Level 7 in English, I applied to the CCIS ITB Program, I did the interview, and I was hoping to be accepted. Fortunately, I got the call from CCIS where they informed me that I was accepted. I worked hard throughout the program and saw good results every day with the instructors providing constant encouragement.
During the internship phase of the program, I started also to get very good feedback from the managers and that encouraged me to do more and work hard during my internship. After completing my internship, I was happy to receive a job opportunity.
This program changed my life and helped me to start my journey as a professional in Canada. Thank you CCIS team for all your support and help, without this, I would not be able to achieve success.”


I moved to Calgary from Nigeria in March 2021 expecting to land a job in my field as a Data Analyst upon arrival. Soon after arriving, I quickly realized that my dream of landing a job depended not only on my qualifications but even more importantly on my having CANADIAN WORK EXPERIENCE. The question I had to answer was, how do I get Canadian work experience when no employer was willing to hire a candidate with zero work experience in Canada. Strange but real.
It was quite weird for me as I wasn’t sure how to go about this. I was a bit distracted; I was all over the place to be very honest. I was literally going on LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, ZipRecruiter— everywhere—because I thought that was the way to find my first job. I started thinking of an escape plan after several applications with zero response from employers because I lacked the Canadian experience.
My breakthrough came when I stumbled on CCIS’ IT bridging program while surfing the internet. The program did not only teach me the necessary soft and occupational skills needed for the Canadian workplace but also gave me the right and necessary network to build on. I started the program with no direction, but less than four weeks into the program, I had a clear picture of what I was supposed to be doing. The program also provided me with a reputable IT company to observe my practicum allowing me to gain much-needed IT experience in a Canadian workplace. The training from the program was valuable during my practicum as I found it quite easy to integrate into the workplace. (Thanks to CCIS instructors!). After successful completion of my practicum, I was retained by the company and the rest is history.
My candid advice to foreign-trained IT professionals is to take advantage of this program. The program provides all you need to kickstart your IT career in Canada:
• Canadian work experience
• Soft & Technical skills
• Networking

 I would like to thank CCIS for developing the ITB program, which really helps foreign-trained IT professionals to land their dream job in Canada.

I am an IT professional from India. After moving to Canada a few years back, I applied to several jobs in my field, but unfortunately received no response from the companies. Then I started working as a customer service associate and worked in the role for more than two years. Even though I liked the job, I couldn’t shake the thought of returning to my field of expertise.

In 2022, after my maternity leave, I decided to explore an IT certification or diploma to bridge the gap and help me get my desired job.
Fortunately, I discovered CCIS’ IT bridging program online. After visiting their website and reading the success stories of other IT professionals who had graduated from the program, I became very eager to enrol in the ITB program.

I immediately contacted the program coordinators, and I was excited to pass the eligibility checks. I consider myself fortunate to have been selected for the program.

The program provided me with soft and occupational skills training to support my integration into Canadian work culture. I enjoyed all the classes, and I had great instructors and enthusiastic classmates.

The ITB program also gave me an opportunity to attend technical classes at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) to refresh my knowledge and learn about the latest technology in use by Canadian companies. After completing the classes at SAIT, I immediately started my internship with a company, which also made me a job offer right after I completed my internship.

I am thankful to this program. I am happy to share my success story with others who might be interested in this program. I hope after reading this, you will also get a boost and will be able to get your dream job in Canada with the help of CCIS’ ITB program.

Before arriving in Canada in February 2022, I never had a plan to immigrate but was forced to leave my country in August 2021 due to political turmoil. After arriving in Canada, my biggest concern was finding a job in my field. I had heard that immigrants often struggled to find work that matched their pre-immigration experience and education for at least three to four years.

During one of many web searches for job opportunities, I chanced upon CCIS’ Information & Technology Bridging Program, and I immediately sent an email to the coordinators, describing my situation and expressing my interest to join the program. I was thrilled to be accepted into the program.

The first phase of the program focused on soft skills. It was great for me to be in a new environment and obtain necessary information about the Canadian job market and the demands and expectations of Canadian employers. I also underwent mock interview sessions that helped build my confidence. I had lost my self-confidence, because English wasn’t my first language and due to the erroneous perception that there were limited job opportunities available to Canadian immigrants.

The second phase of the program took us to SAIT for technical courses. It was great for me to learn new technical skills that are in high demand in the industry, especially since I had been away from the technology sector for the previous five years and had been working in a different industry. The program helped me learn the skills needed for the job market, and I became confident in my ability to compete with others.

The last part of the program, an internship, was the most amazing part! During the internship, I had the opportunity to showcase my abilities.

After the program, I got a job offer and was able to disprove the notion that immigrants have limited job opportunities in Canada. Rather, career outcomes depend on each newcomer’s goals, efforts, perseverance and their ability to find a suitable career path.

I really appreciate the coordinators and instructors in this program who guided me and assisted me in kickstarting my career as an IT professional in Canada!

Program Starts: June 2024

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