Newcomer Entrepreneur Program - Build Your Business

Newcomer Entrepreneurship Program


Newcomer Entrepreneur Program - Build Your Business

Are you a newcomer in Canada? Do you have an idea or skill that you could turn into a business?

This free intensive 10-week training program will help enhance your knowledge, abilities, and connections to become a successful business owner!

We offer in-depth and practical entrepreneurial training to support you in getting the confidence, knowledge, and skillset for breaking down barriers commonly encountered by the newcomer entrepreneurs, and to successfully plan, launch and manage your own small businesses in Canada.

  • In-person workshops
  • Monday – Friday
  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Networking with local entrepreneurs
  • Valuable advice from prominent members of Calgary’s business community
  • The confidence, ability, and knowledge to go through the many steps in starting up your own small business in Canada
  • A viable business and marketing plan to help you organize your business operations, apply for a business loan or to use as a persuasive tool to find investors
  • A support network of local entrepreneurs and professional advisors to help you continue with your entrepreneurial journey
  • Newcomers to Canada – permanent residents and refugees (protected persons) only
  • With or without entrepreneurial experience in their country of origin but who are seriously considering starting their own small business in Canada
  • A Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) Level 5 or higher

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Make A Direct Impact on Your Community by Donating to CCIS (Calgary Catholic Immigration Society).

We acknowledge all donors who contribute so generously to CCIS. Your contribution honours the courage and resiliency of Alberta’s newest residents.

Donations? Call Us: 403.262.2006

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