Opening Doors to New Beginnings: Dadkhuda’s Dedication to Finding Homes for Newcomers

Meet Dadkhuda Pahlawan! Originally from Afghanistan, he studied in the former Soviet Union and has a master’s degree in engineering. He started his career with CCIS in 2000 as a Resettlement Assistance program (RAP) counselor. In 2002, he got an exciting opportunity to work with one of the Canadian relief agencies in Afghanistan as a Regional Program Coordinator (implementing partner for UNHCR). In 2006, he returned to CCIS as a Settlement Counsellor/Landlord Liaison, and now he’s a Housing Specialist/Coordinator in the Resettlement and Integration division!

Dadkhuda describes himself: “By educational background, I am an engineer and working with numbers comes easily to me. However, writing and narratives are not my forte. But that doesn’t stop me from sharing my experiences and accomplishments with you all. I am most proud of helping people who need my help and doing it with a strong work ethic, regardless of whether my managers are around or not.”

His passion for helping others has been recognized by the Ministry of Refugees in Afghanistan, where he received a recognition letter for his efforts. He was also recognized by the Housing Committee of the City of Calgary during the influx of Syrian refugees.

“Knowing that I have made a difference in someone’s life is the greatest reward I could ever ask for,” he says.

He’s driven by his love for helping others and finds constant motivation from the support of his colleagues and managers. To colleagues at CCIS, he says, “I want to remind you that we’re all making a difference in the lives of our clients and never giving up! Live in the present, but always believe in the future.”

You can find Dadkhuda walking, reading poems and jokes, and visiting friends when he’s not working.

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