Rodas Massey: Serving Newcomers with Passion in Brooks

Meet Rodas Massey, the Team Lead and Mentorship & Employment Coordinator in the Brooks & County Immigration Services (BCIS), a project of CCIS.

With an inspiring quote in mind, “Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you,” Rodas has a remarkable journey to share!

Originally from Ethiopia, Rodas made the decision to move to Canada in 2009 to pursue her bachelor’s degree. Despite the fact that her educational background lies in the technical field, her true passion lies within the non-profit sector.

In 2015, Rodas was introduced to the world of non-profit organizations and instantly fell in love with it. Having been a newcomer to Canada at one point in her life, she feels a deep connection to the sector that supports newcomers in making a new home. Since November 1, 2022, Rodas has been an integral part of BCIS, initially joining as an Employment Counsellor and Mentorship Coordinator. Later on, she became a team lead.

Her official role now encompasses being the Team Lead/Mentorship and Employment Coordinator.

Throughout her time with CCIS/BCIS, Rodas has successfully launched the Mentorship Program in Brooks, establishing vital community connections and partnerships for both the Employment and Mentorship aspects of her role.

When asked about her motivation to keep going, Rodas finds solace in the small victories. Witnessing her clients secure employment, having their education recognized in Canada, and seeing individuals’ lives improve due to the support she provides all serve as reminders of the impact she can make, even on the smallest of scales.

In a heartfelt message to her colleagues and anyone reading CCIS’s story, Rodas expresses immense gratitude to her team. Feeling supported and cherished, she emphasizes the care and passion they all exhibit towards their clients.

Beyond her work, Rodas finds joy in spending quality time with her family; her husband and two-year-old daughter. Her hobbies include watching movies, indulging in a good read, visiting specialty coffee shops, and going for walks, preferably along a waterfront. These activities help her unwind and maintain her overall well-being.

Rodas Massey’s dedication and unwavering support for newcomers, and her commitment to her team make her an exceptional individual.

Let us celebrate her journey and the positive impact she continues to make through her work at CCIS /BCIS.

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