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Rural Mentorship for Integration


Rural Mentorship for Integration (RMFI)

Rural Mentorship for Integration is a volunteer-based 16 week program designed to bring skilled newcomers living in rural Alberta together with professionals who share similar employment backgrounds.

This career-based matching will help support immigrant mentees integrate into their profession within the Canadian Workplace.

We are looking for MENTORS who:

We are looking for MENTEES who:

Living in Calgary?

The Mentorship for Integration program, based in Calgary, strongly emphasizes the power of guidance, support, and collaboration to facilitate the seamless integration of skilled immigrants. Click the service link to learn more. 

How To Register

Please complete the registration form to get started. 

Funded by

Rural Mentorship for Integration - A Project of CCIS

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Make A Direct Impact on Your Community by Donating to CCIS (Calgary Catholic Immigration Society).

We acknowledge all donors who contribute so generously to CCIS. Your contribution honours the courage and resiliency of Alberta’s newest residents.

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